How Often Do Slot Game Bonus Features Trigger?

casino 17When you start playing any slot game on which there are one or more bonus games then you may be wondering just how often on average those bonus games are going to trigger, meaning just how many base game spins will you be expected to play off before the bonus game is awarded to you.  One of the best ones we have come across can be found here.

Well, it is all dependent on how the slot game has been designed, but on average you will find it usually takes between 100 and 150 base game spins before you will then see one of the bonus games triggering.

With that in mind if you do decide to play such slots then the best way of playing them is to ensure that you have enough cash in your bankroll to play off 150 spins, for that way you are going to have a fair and reasonable chance of trigger the slot games bonus games.

Juts keep in mind however that there will be no way of knowing exactly how many spins you will end up playing off before the bonus games are triggered, unless you play a slot which has a bonus guarantee in which case you will know the maximum number of spins you will need to play off before the bonus game is guaranteed to trigger and be awarded to you!

One thing that you must never do when you are playing a slot game which offers one or more bonus games is to get frustrated when the bonus games are simply not rejiggering. In fact, you should never become obsessed with triggering a bonus game either!

casino 18Many slot players make the machine of playing a slot game until the onus game has been triggered and that can often lead them to spending more than they expected trying to trigger a bonus game, which may only pay out a small amount of cash when it does finally get triggered by that player!

Let us know give you a guiding hand on which will be one of the very best slot games to play online fi you do want to get stuck into playing a slot offering a bonus game that is famed for being triggered very, very regularly!

The slot in question is of course the Double Bubble slot which is one of the most played online slot games, and whilst is does have a base game bonus future, when you spin in three or its bonus symbols which do spin in often then you get to play of a potentially huge paying bonus pick to win game.

The actual amount of time you will have to wait when playing the base game of any bonus game awarding slot will always be different in regards to when the bonus game or games will finally trigger, and many players tend to swap and change the slots they are playing if one slot is not awarding lots of bonus games to them!

One way that you can always be guaranteed of finding a range of slot games to play which do offer lots of bonus games is to simply become a player at an online bingo site offering the Gamesys bingo platform as those bingo sites do have plenty of slots on offer!

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