Going to try a slot machine? Are you well informed on how slot machines work? The following article describes various ways on how a slot machine can be used to make big money.

  • High Pay-out rates: You may not know this but a lot of casinos pay more than the others. That’s true. Pay-outs are different for different casinos. Always go for the ones that offer higher pay-outs than other casinos. It will help you win much more than you otherwise would. The payback rate for your slot machine wins must be high and you must ensure that any payback rate above 90% is good enough. So go for casinos that offer 90%+ payback rate on their slot machines. Besides, would you want to win less after having risked a lot of your finances?
  • Max betting or not: Pre decided if you want to max bet or if you don’t want to do so. Slot machines are different from each other. You have to be able to pre-decide if you want to go for slot machines that offer higher paybacks on max betting or you wish to go after the regular ones. Some people suggest playing max bets since if you do manage to hit the top line then you stand to win a lot more than you put. However, if you decide to go otherwise, and then go for a slot machine with much lower denomination and without progressive bets.
  • Bonus: When it comes to getting a bonus; online casinos are a place to be at. Online casinos will most certainly offer you with additional bonuses and free cash to get started with or to bet on a particular slot round. A lot of times an online casino will match your initial deposit to motivate you to get going higher and to tread more with their slot machines. You need to be able to decide if you want their bonus offerings or not. It is pretty straightforward.
  • Play for fun: A lot of times, who take betting, gambling or trying out slot machines very seriously. You shouldn’t do so. All forms of betting should be for fun. Slot machines are practically a recreational activity that you must chose only for fun and for nothing else. The moment you find yourself too much into it instead of mere fun purposes; walk out and don’t go further ass you might be getting addicted into it. It is one of the more popular ways where people risk all of their finances without even thinking twice.

Slot machines are a must to try if you are ever visiting a casino. Even online slot machines are fun too. They may not be offering the equal amount of reality as a real slot machine but still they are very entertaining and a good way to make big and quick bucks. The above-mentioned points will ensure you that you are not risking all your money in one slot machine and that you constantly win big on most of your trials.

How Often Do Slot Game Bonus Features Trigger?

casino 17When you start playing any slot game on which there are one or more bonus games then you may be wondering just how often on average those bonus games are going to trigger, meaning just how many base game spins will you be expected to play off before the bonus game is awarded to you.  One of the best ones we have come across can be found here.

Well, it is all dependent on how the slot game has been designed, but on average you will find it usually takes between 100 and 150 base game spins before you will then see one of the bonus games triggering.

With that in mind if you do decide to play such slots then the best way of playing them is to ensure that you have enough cash in your bankroll to play off 150 spins, for that way you are going to have a fair and reasonable chance of trigger the slot games bonus games.

Juts keep in mind however that there will be no way of knowing exactly how many spins you will end up playing off before the bonus games are triggered, unless you play a slot which has a bonus guarantee in which case you will know the maximum number of spins you will need to play off before the bonus game is guaranteed to trigger and be awarded to you!

One thing that you must never do when you are playing a slot game which offers one or more bonus games is to get frustrated when the bonus games are simply not rejiggering. In fact, you should never become obsessed with triggering a bonus game either!

casino 18Many slot players make the machine of playing a slot game until the onus game has been triggered and that can often lead them to spending more than they expected trying to trigger a bonus game, which may only pay out a small amount of cash when it does finally get triggered by that player!

Let us know give you a guiding hand on which will be one of the very best slot games to play online fi you do want to get stuck into playing a slot offering a bonus game that is famed for being triggered very, very regularly!

The slot in question is of course the Double Bubble slot which is one of the most played online slot games, and whilst is does have a base game bonus future, when you spin in three or its bonus symbols which do spin in often then you get to play of a potentially huge paying bonus pick to win game.

The actual amount of time you will have to wait when playing the base game of any bonus game awarding slot will always be different in regards to when the bonus game or games will finally trigger, and many players tend to swap and change the slots they are playing if one slot is not awarding lots of bonus games to them!

One way that you can always be guaranteed of finding a range of slot games to play which do offer lots of bonus games is to simply become a player at an online bingo site offering the Gamesys bingo platform as those bingo sites do have plenty of slots on offer!

Do Bingo Slots Differ from Online Casino Slots?


There are lots of slot games you will have access to when logged into any online casino site, however if you are thinking of playing some of the slot games available at online bingo sites you may be wondering is there are any major differences in regards to the online bingo site slots – such as Tiki Island slot.

Well, what you will tend to find is that many of the online slot games available at casino sites are often the exact same ones you will find being offered at bingo sites that use the same software company.

If a bingo site offering a different type of software and gaming platform, then rest assured that all of the popular bingo sites are going to be offering you the same type of slot games as are found at online casino sites.

So you will be able to play three reel slots, video slots and even high jackpot paying progressive slots too. Also make sure that you take a look at some of the fruit machines available at bingo sites as they are just as much fun to play as those found in land base gaming venues!

Another question that you may have in regards to playing either bingo slots or casino slots online is whether the free play versions of each slot have been set to payout more, with the aim of making players believe those slots are more generous than they really are.

You will find that at all licensed regulated online bingo sites and online casino sites will offer both free play and real money slots which are obliged to have the exact same payout percentage so the free play slots will not have been set to payout more to any player giving them a try online!

One of the most popular bingo slots around that is available at lots of different bingo sites is the great playing Double Bubble slot, there are many reasons slot players then to play that particular slot a lot but the main reasons it gets a lot of play time is the bonus games.

You can trigger not only a pick to win styled bonus round but when you play the base game some special symbols can drop onto an additional pay line on which payouts can be boosted by up to 22 times their usual payout amounts as listed on the pay table!

If you are good and ready to get stuck into playing bingo slot games then you will need to locate a bingo site that is going to be offering you everything you need, form large bonuses, lots of rewarding player comp and loyalty bonuses and plenty of different slot and other games to play.

Well your search will not take you very long for all you need to do is to locate a bingo site that using the state of the art and highly advanced Gamesys bingo platform of which you will find a lot of sites available online.

Instant Play Slots are a Great Way to Enjoy Games like Double Bubble!

botemaniaOnline casino players are bestowed with two basic options to play casino games. The first is the No Download casino game, while the second is Download games. As the names suggest, these games are categorised based on how they are played by the user. When Double Bubble slot game can be played without the need to download it first, it is called as No Download game.

No Download Games

Generally, players who log on to the online casinos prefer to play no download games for security reasons. Today, as net users are required to be very careful in the wake of various issues prevailing regarding hacking, most players do not wish to get in to the unnecessary issues by downloading a game on to their computer. Further, when players wish to try out many new casino games, which are introduced from time to time, they are forced to make more space for these games on their systems. Players obviously do not like it when their system slows down due to the presence of a large number of files occupying substantial space.

System Incompatibility

Another important factor for players preferring no download games to play their favourite games like Double Bubble slot is that they need not bother regarding issues like system requirements for downloading the games. Since the present generation of games are mostly compatible with Windows operating system, users who are on other platforms like Linux would be left in the lurch if they download the games before playing them.  One example of this can be found at – the no1 fansite for Double Bubble slot machine.

Download Games

casino-action-best-online-casinoDownload games, in spite of some perceived disadvantages discussed above, are still popular with many regular online game fans. The major reason for this is that the visual content of the game as well as the audio quality is considerably better once the games are downloaded instead of being played as Flash games on the browsers. The speed of the game in the download version is faster comparing with the no download game. Since the experience of playing online games with outstanding graphics are what lures the players to online casino games, players opt for downloadable games to play Double Bubble slot, variants of roulette as well as bingo games.

Instant Play Options in Download Games

Since many times players are unable to download the games for reasons like system requirements, time constraints and such other issues, option is given to play the download games as instant play games. Casino promoters and the game designers who are aware of the predicament of the players are now offering the option to play instant play games. With the help of advancement in technology, it is hoped that upgraded quality of instant play games would be available soon for players to help them enjoy Double Bubble slot.

Player Convenience

With two types of casino games, along with instant play games, both being advantageous and disadvantageous, players choose a mode, which is convenient for them and enjoy their casino games!


How to Play Fluffy Favourites Slot

You will now be able to play hundreds of different slot games when you are logged into any online or mobile bingo site, and each of those slot games you can play will offer you something unique.

fluffy favourites 1Take for example the Fluffy Favourites slot, this is one of the most played bingo slot games on which players can win a huge base and bonus game jackpot, get to trigger multiple bonus rounds and bonus features and due to its high payout percentages plenty of winning combinations can be spun in.

Please have a good look through this review and if you want to learn more about this great playing slot game then take a look the many different Bingo sites with Fluffy Favourites slots and other games on offer as you can also sample this slot and others for free.

This slot has been designed and released by a company called Eyecon who are famed for designing top playing and great playing bingo slot machines.

Fluffy Favourites Stakes and Payouts

There are going to be so many different also games on offer to you at any bingo site you choose to play at you will be best off selecting one that you can comfortably afford to play. That is something you are always going to be able to do with the Fluffy Favourites for its paylines of which there are 25 on offer and the coin value settings are all configurable and adjustable.

One of the most important aspects of any slot game is the actual payout percentage that it has been designed to return to players. You should always be actively seeking out a high paying slot and as such we are happy to let you know the Fluffy Favourite slot has a very high payout percentage of 95.38%.

There are of course some reel symbols that are going to be offering the highest valued winning payouts and also some special reel symbols in play on the five video reels of the Fluffy Favourites slot.

One reel symbol to look out for is the Elephant symbol for that symbol is both a wild symbol and one which doubles the value of any winning combination it helps to complete.

The Hippo symbol awards the jackpot payout when five of them have been spun in, the 5000 jackpot for five of those symbols forming on any activated payline becomes worth 10000 coins if a wild symbols help to complete the winning combination.

Bonus Games

Please do make the effort to play the Fluffy Favourites slot game when you are next logged into a bingo site that has it on offer as it is a fully rounded slot made complete thanks to its regularly trigger bonus games.

The first bonus game which you may find does trigger often is the free spins round. It will take just three or more of the Elephant reel symbols to spin in anywhere in view for you to get to play of that free spins round and by spinning in three, four for all five on them on each reels symbols will be awarded with 15, 20 and 25 free spins respectively.

Thanks to the very high payout percentage attached to the Fluffy Favourites slot game you should always get plenty of winning combinations spinning in and forming on your activated pay lines. As soon as you get one or more of them spinning in you will be offered the gamble game feature round.

By you opting to click on the gamble button on the game control panel you will then be faced with six decisions. Those decisions are whether the colour of the next card will be red or black or one of the four different suits. Guess the colour correctly and your base game win is doubled and it will be tripled if you guess the suit correctly.

You really are going to find the Fluffy Favourites slot game a fully rounded slot to play for in addition to the two above bonus rounds a third one could also be awarded to you. That third bonus game is the claw grabbing machine on which come mega sized winning payouts could be achieved!

However, that bonus game will need triggering and to see it being awarded to you three or more Claw symbols must spin into view. When they do they will trigger a game on which a claw moves across a bed of cuddly toys and each one listed clean into the air reveal a multiplier value which boost the value of the base game stake your wager on that bonus game awarding spin.

A Guide to Shopping Online

Shopping online has many advantages. One of them is the ease with which you can choose and compare products online as opposed to going to a store. You can take your own time while you browse through various products online and make a choice. Due to the rise of several shopping websites coming to the fore, many retail stores have taken the hit. Many people are choosing shopping online as they can take their time and can shop from the comfort of their home. It is truly a great boon. Among the various advantages of shopping online, the variety of choice is the biggest advantage. You get a lot of options to choose from, and not only for women, for men and children as well. All you have to do is make sure that the size is appropriate and your budget, rest the website will take care of in terms of delivery.

Online Shopping

But, people mostly shop for home products, shoes, bags and accessories. They are a little reluctant when it comes to shopping for clothes. One of the reasons could be that they might not fit into the size. Many people like to try out the clothing item they want to purchase and then make the deal. This seems reasonable because once you order online, you will have to close the deal. In some cases you can exchange the product but cannot get your money back.  Here are some tips you should keep in mind while shopping online:

  • You must trust the website you are buying the products from. Usually we read the description and believe it. That is the only option when you are shopping online. You need to make it a point to research about the website that you buying the products from. Read what other people who have previously shopped for the website have to say and then make a fair decision.
  • When you start shopping, make sure that you read each and every product description. All the websites give detailed descriptions about the products they are endorsing. Be it women’s wear, children’s clothing, men’s clothing, home products, office tools or accessories. You need to read all the information and then make a choice whether you want it or not.
  • You can always use sizing charts and then compare your size with other clothes. Most of the online websites have charts that show the sizes along with the clothes. You can make a conscious choice by choosing the best available option. Understand the format in which the sizes are mentioned.
  • Check if the website has a replacement option. This means that if the particular clothing option did not fit you, you can replace it with a bigger size. Sometime it so happens that you order something and it does not meet your expectations. In such a situation, it is very important for you to have the option of exchanging it for something better. Again, read whether the website offers such a policy.